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GP and the NHS Long Term Plan

The NHS Long Term Plan 

The NHS has written a Long Term Plan so it can be fit for the future. It's based on the experiences of patients and our NHS workforce. To deliver the plan, the NHS has secured a funding boost of 3.4% a year over the next five years. 

The Long-Term Plan addresses issues such as:

  • the role of new healthcare technologies.
  • ways to prevent illness instead of just treating it.
  • strategies to plan for a future with a growing, ageing population.
  • ways to attract and retain the best staff. 

See the video about the Long Term Plan here:

Primary Care Networks

Primary care networks are the new way for local health services to work together to treat populations of around 30-50,000. As part of the Long Term Plan, GP practices are required to join primary care networks to collaborate with other local health, social care and voluntary services. Primary care networks should be small enough to provide the personal care valued by both patients and GPs, but large enough to have impact and economies of scale.

See the video about Primary Care Networks here:

Integrated Care Systems 

Primary care networks will form the building blocks on the journey towards Integrated Care Systems.  Where primary care networks serve populations of 30-50000 people, Integrated Care Systems will serve populations of over one million, usually with just one CCG. 

The Long Term Plan requires Integrated Care Systems to cover the whole country by 2021. 

NW London CCGs are developing our Sustainability and Transformation Partnership into an Integrated Care System called the North West London Health and Care Partnership, covering the health and care of our 2.2 million residents.

See the video about Integrated Care Systems here: