Who can get a covid-19 vaccination

This graphic explains the vaccines that you can get

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Spring Boosters are now being offered to those aged 75 and above or older resident in a care home, or 12 years and over with a weakened immune system - Guide to the Spring Booster

If you are: 
5 to 11, you can get
  • two, lower doses of the vaccine at least 12 weeks apart
  • Find out more about vaccinations in children on the NHS website

16 and above, you can get....
  • two doses at least 8 weeks apart
  • booster from 3 months (91 days) after your second dose

Aged 12+ and were severely immunosupressed at the time of early doses, you can get...
  • two doses at least 8 weeks apart
  • thrid primary dose, typically eight weeks after second dose (timing may vary and should be discussed with a clinician - if you are eligible you can get this dose by visiting a vaccination site of your choice, and presenting a letter from your doctor confirming you're eligible)
  • booster dose from three months after your third dose

Aged 12 to 15 with a health condition that puts you at a higher risk from COVID -19, or you are a household contact of someone who is immunosupressed, you can get ...
  • two doses at least 8 weeks apart
  • UNDER REVIEW - booster dose

Aged 12 to 15 and not in any of the above groups, you can get...
  • two doses at least 12 weeks apart
  • UNDER REVIEW - booster dose

You can pre-book a booster dose from 2 months (61 days) after your 2nd dose, but the appointment dates you'll be offered will be from 3 months (91 days) after your 2nd dose.

Visit nhs.uk to book your vaccine appointment.

Vaccine eligibility FAQs

Is it safe to get the vaccine during pregnancy?

Yes, getting your Covid-19 vaccine is the best way to protect you and your baby and significantly reduces your risk of getting critically ill if you do get Covid-19. There is no evidence to suggest that the Covid-19 vaccines used in England are unsafe for those who are pregnant, or that the vaccine will cause any problems for those planning to get pregnant in future. 

Can people who practice their religion get vaccinated? 

Covid-19 vaccination has been supported by many faith bodies; Churches, Imams, Rabbis and scholars of other faith have advised people to get vaccinated. The Covid-19 vaccines used in England do not contain any animal products, and the amount of ethanol (a type of alcohol) used is less than what you would find in bread. 

Can I get vaccinated against Covid-19 if I dont have a GP or ID?

Yes, the NHS wants to help protect everyone against the virus so the vaccine is free to everyone who is eligible. You do not need proof of address, ID or an NHS number, and your details will not be shared for immigration purposes. 

I have had Covid-19, should I get vaccinated?

Yes – we do not know how long immunity acquired by the infection lasts and it reduces over time. Vaccination provides a safe and effective boost to your immunity.

For more answers visit our Covid-19 vaccine FAQs webpage