Change of NHS provider for community services in Brent and Harrow successfully completed on 1 August 2021

Published on: 10th August 2021

The transfer of community services in Brent and Harrow provided by London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust (LNWH) to Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust (CLCH) and Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) has been successfully completed


The integration of services is part of the strategic direction for North West London, and is in line with changes taking place across the wider NHS landscape. To support these changes, the CCG in collaboration with stakeholders including Harrow and Brent Local Authorities, has selected new NHS providers for community healthcare services that specialise in delivery of these services in several other boroughs in North West London.


CLCH is a dedicated community health services provider delivering services across 11 London boroughs and Hertfordshire. The Trust already provides falls prevention, health visiting and school nursing services in Brent and the majority of adult community healthcare services in Harrow. From 1 August, they will provide all adult and children’s community healthcare services in Brent and all adult community healthcare services in Harrow. The transfer will bring consistency to the delivery of these services and across Brent and Harrow.


CNWL is a dedicated community services provider and already provides a range of children’s community and mental health services in Harrow. From 1 August, they will provide all of Harrow’s children’s services. This change will further bring together NHS and Local Authority funded services.


Our immediate priority, in the run up to August was to ensure that an orderly transition took place so that patients, service users and carers see no difference to the care and support they currently receive.


Lesley Watts, Interim Chief Executive at the North West London Integrated Care System, said: “We are pleased to be able to say that the transfer of services to the two new providers was successfully delivered and patients, service users and carers are now receiving their care under the auspices of CLCH and CNWL respectively.


“We would also like to thank all those LNWH staff who have transferred over to CLCH and CNWL. A move of this kind can be unsettling for those involved and we have been impressed by the professionalism and dedication shown throughout the process to ensure that patients continue to receive the highest standards of care.”