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A message from Darren Jones, Interim Director of Nursing, this International Nurses’ Day

Published on: 12th May 2022

Darren Jones.pngIt gives me great pleasure to be celebrating International Nurses’ Day this year working within North West London CCG.  It is nearly 30 years since I started my nurse training and began my nursing career.  People often ask me what brought me into nursing.  I had some initial work experience with a family friend, who was a ward sister in my local hospital, and recognised the enormous difference nurses make on people’s lives.  I have experienced this across my career, starting in general medicine, caring for people with HIV, working as a district nurse, community matron and then in my leadership and management roles.

Making a difference to people’s lives is something that as nurses, we have all experienced more than ever, especially through supporting the Covid – 19 Pandemic.  Nurses across the CCG have played a vital role, alongside other health care professionals and commissioning colleagues, to ensure that our patients received the best care possible.  This included colleagues being redeployed to support our local acute and community Trusts and supporting the mammoth, never seen before, successful mass vaccination campaign. 

Being a nurse is hard work; the long hours, the challenging situations, dealing with death and dying, all while maintaining responsibilities and commitments to our families and friends. This can at times feel frightening and overwhelming. However, the camaraderie and teamwork that exists within nursing is essential, to help support us all when faced with challenging times. 

It is an immense pleasure to see such solidarity and teamwork across North West London and makes me extremely proud to be part of this team. This International Nurses’ Day, it’s important we take time to celebrate our nursing teams and colleagues and recognise all the valued contributions they make across the CCG.