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Public invited to attend NW London CCG Governing Body on 22 April 202

Published on: 19th April 2022

The Governing Body of North West London CCG is responsible for making decisions about which health services to commission for local people.

Our next meeting takes place on Thursday 21 April 2022 from 09.00 – 12.00. You can join the meeting here.

During the meeting there will be discussions on a number of subjects, some of which the Governing Body will be asked to approve for them to move forward and others for noting and assurance.

Items for approval include:

  • the Board Assurance Framework,
  • the CCG Financial plan and budget for 2022/23,
  • Approval of £5m+ contracts
  • NW London Interpreting Services Paper

Items for noting and assurance include:

  • Quality & Performance Reports
  • Update on CCG Transition to the Integrated

Click here to view papers for the meeting.

Meetings are currently being held virtually and a recording of discussions will be placed on this website shortly after the meeting closes. You are very welcome to attend the meetings which will be held using Microsoft Teams (MS Teams). 

Members of the public wishing to ask a question, can submit their question in advance to nhsnwlccg.collaboration@nhs.net 48 hours before the meeting in public.  

All questions asked and answers will be included in the minutes of the meeting and published on this website.