Improving pelvic health for all - tell us what you think

Published on: 10th August 2021

Facebook pelvic Health Survey.pngPelvic health is not something that is often talked about, and too often problems or changes in pelvic health are brushed asides as consequences of pregnancy.

This should not be the case and we want to make sure help and support is available and accessible to all.

Our maternity teams want to ensure that all users of midwifery services in NW London are provided the right access to education, support and information with regard to pelvic health, during and after pregnancy.

We would like to hear from anyone who is currently pregnant or recently had a baby in NW London, to understand how user friendly current services are and if they are offering the right support.

Pelvic health covers all the parts of the body "below the belt", including: bladder and bowel health, vaginal health, uterine health, sexual health, along with the associated muscles and structures.

Tell us your views – please complete our survey

Throughout August and September this survey will be open to capture views, along with *webinars and outreach.

We appreciate that talking about pelvic health can be a very sensitive and private topic of conversation, and we would like to reassure anyone talking part in the survey that all the information is anonymous and will be used in the strictest of confidence.

Any information provided will be used for the purposes of improving the level of service and support we can offer everyone with pelvic health complications.

Looking for help and don’t know where to go?

If you are experiencing difficulties with your own pelvic health and you have not sought medical help. 

Please do contact your GP or local midwifery team. Details for all our midwifery services can be found here 

Alternatively, you can find lots of information and support on the 'Mum and Baby' app - the app has been developed by our midwifery teams to provide help and guidance.

You can download it from any app store:

Download from apple here

Download from Google here

*Webinar dates will follow shortly