Niksham SWAT Vaccination event in Hounslow

Published on: 15th June 2021

Hounslow residents and those who are undocumented or homeless were encouraged to attend the event and get vaccinated at the Niksham Healtchare ambulance.


The small scale event took place on 1 June and saw 90 people receive their vaccine.

NHS Hounslow House team worked alongside Nishkam SWAT to coordinate the event and raised awareness around the surge activity in the borough.

Nishkam SWAT are a Sikh charity dedicated to uniting and transforming financially disadvantaged communities by supporting projects which make a difference to people’s lives.

Ellie Tobin, Joint Commissioning Manager- COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Lead (London Borough of Hounslow & NWL CCG Hounslow Borough Team) said

The overall programme of pop ups in Hounslow has now seen more than 8000 vaccinations in the past fortnight, working closely with our community partners in places of worship, the public health team and community engagement team”.

Dr Gurcharan S Salotera, Covid-19 Vaccination Clinical Lead & Deputy Hounslow Borough Lead GP  said

For me personally, everyone is aware of someone, somewhere who has suffered from Covid. I have lost people I know, young and old, some unexpectedly, as well as patients that I have cared for. For me, these losses are devastating. The vaccination is the single most important tool (alongside following guidance on hygiene and being tested) in combatting Covid. We need to ensure that as much of our population as possible is vaccinated – that is why we have come out to the community! For our team and I, this engagement is critical to reassure our communities that the Covid Vaccines have been tested, are safe and regulated. So please, to protect you and your loved ones, please take the vaccine when offered.”  

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