6th November 2020

North West London hospitals embrace tech to pioneer new approach to staffing

As COVID-19 pressures mount once again, four London NHS Trusts have come together to launch the North West London Collaborative Staff Bank. This powerful new initiative will create a shared pool of available…

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2nd November 2020

Update on NW London CCGs staff consultation, new appointments and move to a single operating model

Update from Jo Ohlson, Chief Officer, NHS North West London Collaboration of CCGs: Following our staff consultation process and the commencement of interviews I am delighted to announce the following senior…

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27th October 2020

West London GPs back CCG merger

General practices in West London Clinical Commissioning Group have agreed to merge with the other seven CCGs in North West London.

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26th October 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update from North West London NHS - 23 October 2020

The rate of transmission of Covid-19 has increased across London over the last week. Almost all boroughs in NW London now have rates over 100 per 100,000 population with the number of confirmed cases doubling…

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23rd October 2020

North West London CCGs celebrates Black History Month

October, as many know is Black History Month in the UK. A month dedicated to the celebration of African and Caribbean history and recognition of the contribution that Black people have made in the UK.

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13th October 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update from North West London NHS - 12 October 2020

Don't delay! Have your flu vaccination today October is now upon us and the challenges of winter lie ahead. We all must be prepared and one of the things those most at risk from flu can do to help the NHS,…

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1st October 2020

More than two million patients in North West London to benefit from earlier detection of cancer at their GP practice

Over two million patients across eight London boroughs are to benefit from a new diagnostic tool that helps to detect cancer in its earliest and most curable stages.

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28th September 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update from North West London NHS - 25 September 2020

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