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How to use the toolkit

We recommend reading the document as a whole to get a full understanding both of the resource and of the Whole Systems Integrated Care programme. However, we have structured the document to make it easy to go straight to sections of particular interest if you prefer.

Across all chapters there are callouts to help point out specific information that you might find useful:

  • Case studies: These are best-practice examples from elsewhere that might be useful to keep in mind.
  • Working group opinion: These are key discussion points and recommendations from the co-design work the working groups focused on across several months.
  • User example: These are stories of patients, carers or people who use services that help illustrate a particular point.
  • Practical tools: These are either technical or financial tools that can help implement what is discussed in the chapter.
  • Check and challenge: These are questions that focus the reader on the next steps that arise from the content that has been presented