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What resources are available to help develop GP networks?

There are several tools and resources that are available through the Whole Systems programme to help GPs develop their networks. These tools are relevant to single-handed GPs all the way across the spectrum to fully formed networks. These resources are available in the back-up materials in this toolkit.


As part of the Whole Systems programme, we have worked with GPs and clinicians to develop an organisational development toolkit. This is a step-by-step guide for any GP or formed network to follow to develop their organisation, and is available as Supporting Material F: GP Network Organisational Development Toolkit.

The toolkit is a collection of practical tools, checklists, templates, and step-by-step guides to aid GPs in any current state of network development begin the process. A short outline of the tools included in the toolkit is provided below.

1. Diagnostic Tool for GP practices

The diagnostic tool presents a list of checklists for GPs to use to assess their current level of network development. It then provides an overview of the possible goals, and a gap analysis that GPs can use to decide what they need to do to achieve their aspirations.

2. Formative stage tools

The toolkit has a variety of tools for GPs in the formative stage, including a checklist on how to get started and find partners, a worksheet for developing a mission and vision statement, a template timeline for network formation, and several tools surrounding cultural change within practices.

3. Governance and legal options

The toolkit then has a section for GPs ready to enter into legal contracts, which includes the possible options, pros and cons of each, a checklist to ensure readiness to enter into contracts, and a template joint venture contract.

4. Advanced development tools

The last sections of the toolkit includes a series of advanced development tools for networks that have already been formed. These include several flowcharts on how funding can be shared, how a shared bank account can be managed, and how communication flows can work between network partners. It also includes section on workforce development and performance management techniques for new networks.

Legal Resources

DAC Beechcroft has developed a collection of legal documents and guidance to help GPs who want to start creating contracts with each other. This includes template contracts, specific guidance on joint ventures, and other legal concerns.


  • Are you clear about what your preferred model might be?
  • Have you found partners to work with?
  • Are all the GPs that you want to work with agreed about your organisational structure?
  • Do you understand the resources that are available to help you?