Purpose of these guidelines

These guidelines have been developed by the NW London Haematology Clinical Reference Group and are intended to support local GPs as a first point of reference prior to patient referral or before contacting haematology departments through their advice and guidance services.


Urgent Referrals (same day): The urgency of referral depends on symptom severity and findings of any investigations. Please refer patients immediately, and by telephone, to the on call haematologist for:

  • a blood count/film reported as acute leukaemia
  • spinal cord compression or renal failure suspected of being caused by myeloma/lymphoma

Two week wait referrals: GPs can refer a patient they suspect of having a haematological cancer to be seen within 14 days by a specialist. Be aware that haematological cancers can present with a variety of symptoms that may have a number of different clinical explanations.

General haematology referrals: These are non-two week wait referrals, typically used for the evaluation of non-urgent and non-malignant conditions - as detailed within this guideline. Where you are uncertain you are strongly urged to seek advice prior to referral.

Routine Advice and Guidance:  All haematology services offer advice and guidance which can be accessed through local systems.

Comments and observations should be sent to nwlccgs.outpatient@nhs.net