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GP Practices

SPIN New to Practice Fellowship is available to all newly qualified GPs and Nurses who are working within general practice. The Fellows are encouraged to become our local health care providers by building a community where they can expand their education and they receive support within the workplace.

When working in primary care it is easier to see how there is now a rising demand for the services, which means that many GPs and Nurses are feeling under an overwhelming amount of pressure.

By employing newly qualified GPs and Nurses and ensuring that they stay within their local communities, the practices can help them feel valued and supported as this is a key challenge faced within the NHS.

SPIN New to Practice is a step towards ensuring that GPs and Nurses have gained support, education and networking from the Fellowship. As a general practice, it is beneficial to grow and retain your own future GPs and Nurses to meet your community and patient’s needs.



Prospective fellows will be required to commit to a salaried role for a minimum of 4 sessions. For further information on salaried roles please see the list of GP vacancies across North West London listed below. Please note that all the practices listed will support a SPIN fellowship as part your job plan. There will also be some practices that will support a primary care SPIN portfolio project as part of the GP salaried vacancy.

Contact us to receive the SPIN information guide for GP Practices.

Kensington and Chelsea/West London

Westminster and Central London