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From 1 April 2022 this website will not be updated.

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Resources for communications

On this page you will find the latest materials for communication and engagement colleagues for winter which primarily covers flu, covid, accessing services and self-care:

  • Boost your immunity (flu jab/covid booster)
  • Self-care and accessing services, including GP access
  • Looking after under 5's
  • Carers guide
  • Covid-19: Pregnancy
  • Covid-19: Health behaviours
  • Covid-19: 12-15 vaccine
  • Covid-19: University vaccine
  • Covid-19: General vaccine


PLAN - The overview plan for winter 21/22, which includes messages and activity by audience which is happening at a NW London level is available below.    Whilst it is beneficial to have consistency in messaging and objectives, the way in which it is delivered in each local area should be driven by local intelligence and what will work best for those communities.

WInter 21/22 summary plan: https://www.nwlondonccg.nhs.uk/download_file/6012/0

AREAS OF FOCUS - As we receive new data about flu and covid uptake by PCN, we will share this with teams to help focus activity.  

MEETINGS - There is a NW London wide comms and engagement call every other Wednesday where we will share any messaging updates, hear from boroughs about what is working well, share ideas, discuss what further materials would be useful etc.  If you are not currently on the invite list please contact sarah.bellman@nhs.net 

Aggie the Alien campaign resources

Spring 2022 - Vaccination and healthy behaviours campaign

Aggie the Alien A3 poster
Aggie the Alien letter to parents

Aggie the Alien stickers
KS1 Aggie the Alien worksheet
KS2 Aggie the Alien worksheet

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Boost your immunity

This is the national campaign focusing on flu and covid booster jabs.  As well as the national material, a range of local assets have also been developed.

1 - National campaign: https://campaignresources.phe.gov.uk/resources/campaigns/34-winter-vaccinations-public-facing-campaign/resources 

2 - NW London public informationhttps://www.nwlondonics.nhs.uk/Winter

3 - NW London 4pp leaflet (See image) covering key FAQs around covid and flu jabs as well as local health services is available in a number of languages.  English version:  https://www.nwlondonics.nhs.uk/application/files/1816/3516/9470/Boost_your_immunity_this_winter_-_English.pdf 

All translations of this leaflet are available on the Winter page:   https://www.nwlondonics.nhs.uk/Winter

4 -  Booster message (15 December 2021)

Social text: (Facebook image) (Instagram) 

Boosters - Who can get their booster now? Anyone over 18 who had their 2nd dose 91+ days ago, or those aged 16 or over with a health condition that puts you at high risk of getting seriously ill from Covid-19.

Booster specific materials:

Material for pop-up vaccine sites:

5 - Video update from Vaccination Lead Pippa Nightingale (30 Nov)

Covid-19 vaccinations - why its still so important to get yours - YouTube

6 - Flu specific materials

Thumbnail Title Filename Date Posted Size
PDF file icon Flu Mythbusters - Arabic.pdf Flu_Mythbusters_-_Arabic.pdf 30/09/2021 509.60 KB
PDF file icon Flu mythbusters - Somali.pdf Flu_mythbusters_-_Somali.pdf 30/09/2021 380.49 KB
PDF file icon Flu mythbusters _Hindi.pdf Flu_mythbusters__Hindi.pdf 30/09/2021 638.93 KB
PDF file icon Flu mythbusters_English.pdf Flu_mythbusters_English.pdf 30/09/2021 281.15 KB
PDF file icon Flu mythbusters_Polish.pdf Flu_mythbusters_Polish.pdf 30/09/2021 388.59 KB
PDF file icon Flu mythbusters_Punjabi.pdf Flu_mythbusters_Punjabi.pdf 30/09/2021 537.00 KB
PDF file icon Flu mythbusters_Urdu.pdf Flu_mythbusters_Urdu.pdf 30/09/2021 485.17 KB
PDF file icon Easy read flu booklet.pdf Easy_read_flu_booklet.pdf 30/09/2021 1,371.25 KB

Accessing GP/primary care services

All information about GP access can be found here:
General Practice :: North West London Clinical Commissioning Groups (nwlondonccg.nhs.uk) 

GP access (What can your GP do in a phone call)

Social (facebook) image and text - (Instagram)

GP access (weekend and evening appointments)

Social (facebook) (Instagram)

Carers Guide

An everyday guidance to help recognise when the person you care for might not be well and how you can help - download here


Fancy learning as much as you can about vaccinations and pregnancy in as little time as possible? Podcast the truth about COVID-19 vaccination and pregnancy. Recorded by pregnant women in North London. Listen on Spotify , 'Just a little prick?'  socials assets (Facebook) (Instagram)

Covid-19: Health behaviours

Social graphics and messaging relating to Omicron, use of face masks, isolation, international arrivals available to download.

Covid-19 vaccine facts

This set of fact cards from NHSEI and British Society for Immunology have been developed for teams to use with their community groups. Each features a trusted voice from the Black community. They can be used on social media and in What's App groups.

Covid-19: 12-15 year old vaccine

Tookit for promoting the extended vaccination offer for 12 to 15

Social media graphics and videos fo promoting the additional vaccination services for 12 to 15s


Children’s Covid-19 vaccination leaflets

Including the ‘What to expect after your Covid-19 vaccination’ leaflet for children aged 12+.

Easy-read children’s Covid-19 vaccination leaflet

Easy-read guides providing information on Covid-19 vaccination.


Information and FAQs for schools, parents, guardians, carers and young people on 12-15 vaccination

Including frequently asked questions about issues such as consent and side effects.


Review of the safety, quality and effectiveness of the vaccine in 12 to 15 year olds

Information from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) on how the vaccine was authorised.


Detailed information about consent for young people, including Gillick competence

The ‘Green Book’ has the latest information on vaccines and vaccination procedures and issues relating to it.

You won't be charged for COVID-19 testing, treatment or vaccinations

Every adult is entitled to their first, second (third if immunosuppressed) and booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. This includes people who aren’t registered with a GP or without leave to remain in the UK. A new social media graphic is designed to help reassure people about their right to COVID-19 vaccinations, avaialble in the following languages:


Managing your Covid-19 symptoms from home. 

The social media assets provide information to people who contract Covid-19 on how they can relieve their symptoms from home. The assets cover the three most commonly referenced symptoms: breathlessness, high temperature and a continuous cough. They are accompanied by suggested text. 

Breathlessness - It is common to experience breathlessness when you have Covid-19. Taking slow breaths, keeping your room cool and changing your position can help keep you more comfortable. If your symptoms are severe you should contact NHS 111.

High temperature - If you have a high temperature (38C or above) it is important you get lots of rest and drink plenty of water. You may want to take ibuprofen or paracetamol - if so, ensure you read the instructions on the packet.

Continuous cough - A cough usually passes in 4-5 days, but can be uncomfortable and impact your sleep. To help relieve symptoms try lying on your side or sitting upright, having a teaspoon of honey, or asking a loved one or neighbour visit the local pharmacy for advice on treatment.

Community pharmacy toolkit: Delivering an open access vaccination clinic

The new toolkit provides guidance and resources to help pharmacy teams to deliver open access COVID-19 and flu vaccination clinics this winter. Developed jointly by Doctors of the World (DOTW), the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) and NHS England and NHS Improvement, it will help community pharmacies ensure winter vaccines are accessible to everyone, including thousands of carers and people from vulnerable groups, who often face barriers when accessing “mainstream” healthcare, resulting in poor health outcomes.

Covid-19: University vaccine


Thumbnail Title Filename Date Posted Size
PDF file icon NHS_NWL_StudentCOVID_A4_02.pdf NHS_NWL_StudentCOVID_A4_02.pdf 22/09/2021 2,526.33 KB
PDF file icon NHS_NWL_StudentCOVID_A3_02.pdf NHS_NWL_StudentCOVID_A3_02.pdf 22/09/2021 3,096.47 KB
JPG file icon NHS_NWL_StudentCOVID_Insta_01.jpg NHS_NWL_StudentCOVID_Insta_01.jpg 22/09/2021 2,093.71 KB
PDF file icon NHS_NWL_StudentCOVID_A5_02.pdf NHS_NWL_StudentCOVID_A5_02.pdf 22/09/2021 1,480.97 KB
JPG file icon NHS_NWL_StudentCOVID_Socials_01.jpg NHS_NWL_StudentCOVID_Socials_01.jpg 22/09/2021 1,514.49 KB

Covid-19: General vaccination 

COVID-19 vaccination information on NHS.UK
Including public information leaflets and vaccination record cards. 

Download campaigns resources to support Covid-19 vaccination

Including posters and social media materials.

COVID-19 vaccination information on NHS.UK
General information for the public on the Covid-19 vaccination, including how to get the vaccination, eligibility, side effects and safety.

Moderna Toolkit

To provide clinicians, operational teams and communications colleagues with messaging that can be used to reassue public that the Moderna vaccine is safe, effective and approporiate.


Covid Pass Social Graphics

NHS COVID Pass - boosters update twitter.png


NHS COVID Pass - boosters update LinkedIn.png