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Our plans

Patients are at the heart of everything we do. Our vision is to give every child and family the best start, to support people to live healthy lives, make sure there is care and support as local to where people live as possible, and if hospital care is required we want patients to receive high quality care as quickly as possible. 

Our priorities are focussed around three pillars:


Merger to form a single CCG for NW London

On 1 April 2021 Brent, Central London, Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and West London Clinical Commissioning Groups will merge together to form a single CCG for North West London.

The eight CCGs discussed the proposal of a merger for over a year and engagement with the public took place in 2019 with further discussions with local people and organisations taking place in 2020. 

  • All eight CCG Governing Bodies agreed in September 2019 that a single CCG was the right direction of travel. It was also agreed that 2020/21 would be a transitional year focused on financial recovery, developing a single CCG operating model and working with providers to develop systems.
  • Each borough will continue to have its own team to ensure the right services for local needs. We will retain a focus on managing key relationships at borough level, working closely with GPs, local authorities and local Healthwatch and voluntary sector organisations. However, each CCG is a separate legal entity and it costs significantly more to service all eight organisations than it would a single body, as duplication ties up resources.
  • We are trying to strike the right balance between strategic planning across North West London, with strong clinical input and integrated care delivery at borough level. The single CCG would take strategic decisions across the whole area and smaller primary care networks (PCNs) at local level would directly offer even closer local focus, whilst at the same time enabling more effective commissioning of services.
  • We have learned a great deal from the Covid-19 pandemic, notably about how we function better as a single system. Joint working across all parts of the NHS, in partnership with social care, has been critical to our response. The CCGs have in effect operated as a single body and there has been no commissioner-provider split.
  • The merger aligns to the NHS Long Term Plan. The NHS Long Term Plan and the London region set clear expectations for a single CCG for each Integrated Care System (ICS).  To achieve our vision, we need to have one organisation buying and commissioning services for all in NW London – this means moving to a single CCG.

Read our key documents

Case for change (2020) and frequently asked questions for the proposed CCG merger.

Proposed Constitution and Standing Orders for membership engagement, together with updated Membership Briefing Pack.

Archive of documents
•    Case for change (2019 version)
•    Update on the case for change (July 2019)

Questions and feedback from stakeholders on any of the documents can also be submitted to: nwlccgs.collaboration@nhs.net

CCG membership vote

CCG members across the eight NW London CCGs have now voted for the CCGs to merge into a single CCG by 1 April 2021. The original engagement pack which informed this vote is below.

Please note that these draft documents are being further updated in the light of membership feedback. An updated copy of the Constitution and Standing Orders is above.

The following documents are designed to give an indication as to how the single CCG is proposed to be governed, following consultation:

00. Single CCG Membership Briefing 04092020
01. 2020 09 04 NWL CCGs AO and Chairs Covering letter
A1. DRAFT NWL CCG Constitution Sep 2020
A2. DRAFT NWL CCG Standing Orders Sep 2020
A3. DRAFT NWL CCG Primary Care Commissioning Committee TOR Sep 2020
A4. DRAFT NWL CCG Borough Committee TOR Sep 2020
A5. DRAFT NWL CCG Remuneration Committee TOR Sep 2020
A6. DRAFT NWL CCG Audit Committee TOR Sep 2020
A7. DRAFT NWL CCG Scheme of Reservation and Delegation Sep 2020
A8. DRAFT NWL CCG Prime Financial Policy Sep 2020

These documents are in draft form and stakeholder feedback on them continues to be welcomed. Members voting will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the Constitution directly at the same time as voting.
Questions and feedback from stakeholders on any of the documents can also be submitted to: nwlccgs.collaboration@nhs.net

NHS Long Term Plan

The NHS Long Term Plan published earlier this year, is a new plan for the NHS to improve the quality of patient care and health outcomes. The plan focuses on building an NHS fit for the future. 

Read a summary of the plan.

In North West London we will be developing our local plans to support the new NHS long term vision and engaging with local people and organisations in this process.

We will then work with our health and local authority partners, a collaboration of over 30 organisations to deliver this plan in our Health and Care system. 

In this section you can find the current working drafts of the NW London plan as it has been developing.

Draft  - November 2019 -  DRAFT Five year strategic plan overview document 
Draft  - September 2019 here - DRAFT strategic Delivery Plan for the NHS Long Term Plan

We are working to seven interconnected priority areas:

1.2 Our vision and strategy graphic.png