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Referral guidelines and clinical documents

The guidelines provide advice for management of patients in primary care.  The guidance covers investigations to consider for specific symptoms and conditions as well as referral thresholds for specialist care. These thresholds have been agreed for adoption by NW London GP and consultant leads across all NW London CCGs and hospital trusts. These guidelines have been developed through the NW London out patient transformation programme and further guidelines will be added as this work progresses.

In addition to the guidelines, please do not forget to check our planned procedures with threshold policies (PPwT).

This guidance is not intended to be used as a performance management resource.

Feedback on the new guidelines or any aspects of the NW London outpatient transformation programme would be most welcome.

Please get in touch by emailing nwlccgs.outpatient@nhs.net

Disclaimer: This guidance is intended to support general practice. The guidance has been developed after careful consideration of the information and clinical opinion available to the speciality transformation working group, including consultant and GP leads for NW London Trusts and CCGs. Whilst it has been produced with significant input from clinicians, it provides general advice only and does not replace any part of a clinician’s responsibility to assess each clinical case on its own merits, when exercising their clinical judgement on whether to follow the pathway, this includes issues concerning patient choice.  

This guidance is not intended to be used as a performance management resource.