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Whole Systems Integrated Care (WSIC)

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Why is information sharing critical to delivering whole systems integrated care?

For care to be truly built around individuals, we need each of the professionals treating or caring for an individual to be able to view selected information about that individual's health, social care packages and – crucially – individual’s personal goals and aspirations.

This will be done via an integrated care record.The record will be created using information from the range of care providers involved in an individual’s treatment. It will be transferred to and stored in a data warehouse and its use will be governed by a legal document, the Whole Systems Integrated Care NWL Digital Information Agreement. This agreement ensures that people’s information is stored and used legally and in line with national standards.

If you are a Health Care Professional, please click here to sign into the WSIC dashboard.

What are the Whole Systems Integrated Care Dashboards?

The Whole Systems Integrated Care Dashboards are a suite of tools available to clinicians and care professionals who are providing direct care to patients.

The WSIC Dashboards provide a linked integrated summary of patient's health and social care which can be used to case find and case manage patients who require more targeted and proactive care.

The Dashboards aim to support clinical staff in improving timeliness and quality of care for patients across NWL London. 

Click below to watch Mark Easton, the Accountable Officer for the North West London Collaboration of CCGs, and Rachel Mccarthy, The Head of Business Analysis and Deployment for WSIC talk about WSIC Dashboards.