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North West London CCG has a duty to keep children and adults safe by safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people, and vulnerable adults.

We ensure the providers we buy services from have effective policies and procedures in place to help keep adults and children safe. We do this by monitoring provider safeguarding policies, and by asking them to provide evidence of how they are meeting essential safeguarding standards. This is part of our statutory responsibility.

Our Teams

Each Borough based safeguarding team includes a Designated Nurse and Doctor for Safeguarding Children, a Designated Nurse and Doctor for Looked after Children and a Designated Adult Safeguarding and Clinical Quality Manager. The team also includes a Named GP for children to support safeguarding in primary care.

Click here to find details on how to make a referral by North West London Boroughs.

Working in partnership

The CCG is a member of Local Safeguarding Children Partnerships (LSCP) and Local Safeguarding Adults Boards (LSAB). As a member, they work in partnership with 33 others to fulfil these responsibilities.


Annual Reports

NW London Collaboration of CCGs Safeguarding Annual Report 2019-20

NW London CCG Safeguarding Annual Report 2020-21


NW London CCG Prevent Policy July 2021

NW London CCG Safeguarding Adult Policy July 2021

NW London Collaboration of CCGs Safeguarding Children Commissioning Organisation Policy and Procedures