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Free NHS physical health checks for people living with mental illness

Published on: 28th July 2021

People with mental health issues may also have physical health issues that can reduce their quality of life and also lead to not having as long a life as everybody else.

This was highlighted in a recent report by the mental health charity, Rethink

Everyone living with a serious mental health illness is entitled to a free NHS physical health check, which comprises six tests for: blood pressure, weight, smoking, alcohol, blood glucose for potential diabetes and cholesterol.

Unfortunately, in North West London boroughs, we are not managing to reach everyone who we need to. We want to raise awareness of the health checks and reduce any anxieties people might have about going.

Have a watch of the below video where Jackie and Cady, both living with mental health issues, share their experiences of going for a physical health check. 

NHS SMI Interview Film from Lemongrove Productions on Vimeo.