Covid-19 Vaccinator Roles and Training Requirements

Please see attached the covid training components requirements for experienced vaccinators to ensure everyone is aware of the training requirements of staff working at the covid vaccination sites.

For non-experienced vaccinators i.e. staff members requiring Refresher face to face IM training, (staff who have never vaccinated before, or have not vaccinated in the last twelve months), CLCH Training Academy are running face to face training and staff are asked to contact their local training hub to book into these slots.

Please provide the training hub with the following information of the staff member requiring the face to face training:

  • Name:
  • Email address: Preferred first method of communication
  • Contact Telephone Number: Backup method of communication

The CLCH team on receipt of the above from the Training Hubs will then book the individual in for the two hour slot training session (please note these sessions are precious, and cancellations should be avoided)

To book onto these sessions please contact your local training hub, the names and contacts are as below:





Vicki Newport -