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From 1 April 2022 this website will not be updated.

  For the latest North West London health and care information, visit www.nwlondonics.nhs.uk.

Surveys, projects and activities


We need our patients and the public to help us develop NHS services. To do this we gather people’s views and experiences by going out and speaking to them in public places. We also attend public workshops, events and conduct online and face-to-face surveys to consult on specific plans/programmes. 

Current surveys and projects

There are currently no surveys available to take part in. We regularly update this page, so please check back soon. Thank you

You can find details of the projects we are currently working on here:

The NHS Long Term Plan

Health based places of saftey (section 136 suites) (on hold)

Outpatient transformation programme

Our engagement activities

Click on the image below to see our monthly engagement activity summaries, which include breakdowns per borough.  

Community engagement summaries

Summaries for 2020

Summaries for 2019

Summaries for 2018