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Chapter 1


Toolkit Chapter One

People in North West London have come together to create a vision for ‘better-co-ordinated care and support, empowering people to maintain independence and lead full lives as active participants in their community.’

31 health- and social-care organisations across North West London have made a commitment to this vision, and we are one of 14 national pioneers for joined-up care. Together with lay partners, we have considered some of the difficult questions that this vision raises through the Whole Systems Integrated Care programme. From September 2013 to January 2014 working groups have met to discuss populations and outcomes, General Practitioner (GP) networks, provider networks, commissioning and finance, and informatics.

This toolkit distils the work of these groups into a web resource that we hope will be useful to commissioners, providers, voluntary organisations and communities, to help. They design new and innovative models of care within North West London and elsewhere.The toolkit is a living web-based resource and will be updated frequently as local areas implement their plans for integrated care and lessons are learned and shared.